Human for Hire


Kiyoul Lucas Huh is a human being based in Brooklyn, NY.

They work as an art director, strategist, and artist to develop and execute brand identities through design, photography, and copy. They're happy working across platforms—digital, print, social media, experiential, and beyond.

They are proficient in speaking in the third person but prefer painting, throwing pots, snappin' pix, cooking, learning new things, and watching plants grow.

Lucas is available for contract work, collaborations, and whatever else you might want a hand with.

Size Details

• One size fits most

• Height: 5'9''/175 cm

• Weight: 140 lbs/63.5 kg

Style Details

• Punchy writer

• Casual yogi

• Conscientious eater

• Hand wash only



• Valid driver's license

• Authentic bachelor's degree

• No notable rewards cards

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Shipping and Returns

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